littleblackmaps asked:

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7) Thoughts on your impending death? - I hope its a long way away. There is so much I still have to do in this life. 

8) Do you believe in the existence of the Soul? - Yes I do. I was raised Catholic. And while I’ve been question the church’s teachings since I can remember, part of me still believes in the core concepts. I believe in the afterlife. I’m not sure where I stand on heaven and hell, but I do believe when you die your soul goes somewhere. If that makes sense

15) Should “soft drugs” (e.g. cannabis) be legalized? - Yeah. I’m not a user, and honestly I find people who are high annoying, but there has been so much time and money wasted on fighting this, at some point you have to realize that its just not worth it at all.

16) Is it condemnable to birth more children into such a heavily-populated world where there are already so many unwanted children? - I don’t think so. That sonds awful I know. I should say “No no people should adopt children and love them like their own” but I tend to live in reality. Couples get together and have their own children. God bless those who adopt children. Its just not something I personally could ever do.

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